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Dec 23, 2003
I have not Heard much on the bust at Kates in the last few days, but noticed they are still operating. I dont know about you but im kind of worried about using there services again in light of the attention LE has surrouding them.

Does anyone have info on Goodvibrations ? I heard there charges were dropped. Is this true ? If this is the case I think I would rather use them and the other agencies in town before Kates.
I heard on the news that Kate had pleaded guilty and paid a 50k fine , and now she is charged again . I think its a matter of time before they start harrasing her customers to shut her down for good.

I really dont know what to think and Im wondering how the rest of you feel. I may be way off but who knows..


Mar 14, 2004
Just goes to show you the disgusting hypocrasy of the police in this town. They make a big deal out of charging "Calgary's version of Heidi Fleiss", and make damn sure that the media gets ahold of the story. This is meant to serve no other purpose than to sell newspapers, justify the big budget for police, and placate the moral extremists in this town.

If Kate's was operating such an illegal business, why weren't they completely shut down right on the spot? Why wasn't their website dismantled, and all of their phone lines disconnected? Why would such a horrible prostitution ring, that required undercover vice operations, and such a big news story, be allowed to continue to operate? Could it be that this was all about creating news stories, and money? Could it be that the low life cops allowed Kate to buy her way out of this with a $50K fine? Could it be that the city is addicted to the huge licensing fees and tax dollars that they get from the agency and each individual girl every year? Could it be that the city had no intention of shutting them down, but wanted to appease the religious zealots in Calgary?

My dear Lord, boys. The hypocrasy and dishonest of the LE in this city is worse than the federal Liberals.


Mar 13, 2004
Thr religious zealots and moronic cops in this town make the federal Liberals look very appealing...The local cops act on the orders of their cheif and city council...People like Jack Beaton, and that dirty old crowbait Madeline King are behind much of this....

Jack Beaton is a devout Seventh Day Adventist member who is attempting to cram his false and mislead beliefs down everybody's throat through his position as police cheif....

Madeline King is in the early stages of Alzhiemer's disease and an ugly hold crowbait who has been dry for about thirty years...she proposedd a 11:00pm downtown curfew to help curb SWs....This old hag should be institutionalized.

That being said, I think we should support quality SPs and MPs and Indy Sps more than ever...I know it is costly,but just like any other activity that these Nazis deem offensive...if there is demand for it, it will never go away....

Kate has provided some hot women throughout the last couple of years and although they charge a little more...the quality is usually good. GV also has some hot women...

I would like to see more indy's...and this board may open that up as well...The cops cannot arrest a girl and aguy from arranging to meet for a drink at someone's home...what goes on with respect to the exchange of sex for money beyond that is outside the confines of the law.

I am not a violent man, but if the Vice squad does attempt to violate my civil rights...I will defend myself vigorously...

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