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Lisa wants to know poll ...

Where do you go?

  • Agency

    Votes: 19 42.2%
  • Inde

    Votes: 33 73.3%
  • SW

    Votes: 5 11.1%
  • Incall

    Votes: 27 60.0%
  • Outcall

    Votes: 8 17.8%

  • Total voters


Paradise Island
Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
Lisa says:

POLE Where do you go?
Hello I decided to do another pole 'cause I'm curious about a few things. 1) Do you prefer to visit
A) an agency
B) an indi

2) do you prefer A) incalls B) outcalls

And how many times a month or year do you see a lady
Sorry I still don't know how to make the graph thing, but
I'm dying to see what you guys have to say. Please be honest.
Thanks love Lisa
Pink Cherry