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jungle boy

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Jun 3, 2003
I know that the left coast is a bit 'sleapier' the east, but the level of activity and responsiveness of the girls here is really pretty amazing. Life must really be good?

The more I've travelled around the world, I've realized that Canada is really a great place to live. For massage and escort service, Toronto really has it good.

There are some terrific girls here but the choice really seems rather limited. And they don't seem to be too concerned about customer service. I guess the limited alternatives account for that.

I travel here fairly frequently and find the better girls usually busy if you try to book last minute, but they don't respond if you try to book in advance. Am I missing something?


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Apr 2, 2003
Maggie's Farm
I think you answered your own question...they don't respond because there is such limited choice, especially of anything decent. And IMO they are way overpriced from most of the "flashier" sites - probably relying upon the US$ exchange selling to the Yankees. I saw one site today (can't remember the name 'cause I didn't seriously consider her) quoting $1000/hr - shit, man, I just want to rent it, not own it.

When I was travelling a lot I seldom used the Vancouver pros. Too many of them are as low milage and high priced as they are in many of the US cities. Central and South America are the best IMO. In Canada I always waited for Montreal, or Calgary in the west.

Lately in Vancouver I find the best action through the print ads (B&S and GS mainly) or simply phoning the agencies. You do get burned every once in a while - you have to read between the lines. I also generally prefer outcalls - the girls are more relaxed (as one told me, "You don't have to be conerned with someone in the next room listening") and you get the advantage of being on your turf.