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Feb 25, 2003
LE Down Town has definitely been upgraded, cops on horses, man when you see them up close those horses are huge! Motorcycle cops riding on the sidewalk, and 4 wheeled units everywhere, it's safer to hang on the mid track. Well if your not causing any attention to yourself no problem, it's just when cops are just sitting on the side of the road; after about the 5th time around past them I think it's time to hang at the other end of the track for a few laps.

Cruised around tonight from about 10pm till 12:30, by 11:30 most of the heat was gone and the track was normal again, I can only imagine it earlier, say around 8pm or so.

There were some chiks out that were good to go, but by the second or third time around they were gone. Definitely no good for the window shopper, not enough selection.

If anyone was out around the same time as me, that chik in the reddish-purple sparkely dress on Gore was the ho that you could compare her service to a self serve gas station.

Anyone care to comment on the Kingsway scene??
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