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"Latina" from Monday Mag


Nov 6, 2002
well, I did TOFTT.

Monday Mag Ad:

NEW LUSCIOUS "Latina!" Eager to please you! Ambitious, sexy, and fun. Massage plus more! Videos. Discreet. INDEPENDENT. * 813-0449 * 884-9506 * 24hrs.

This is actually 2 women, one just starting out and the other been working in the biz for a year. They don't offer their name(s) so you don't know who you'll get.

When I called her, she sounds nice (and pretty sexy actually) on the phone. $65 for 30 min rub and tug, $120 for an hour ending with one of her 3 specialities (TBA when I got there).

The venue isn't bad. Near Quadra and Hillside in a pretty nice apartment. She has a tastefully decorated bedroom with a King size bed. She plays pornos during the hour.

Massage quality about 6-7/10. At the beginning you get to pick one of 3 "specialty" endings without additional cost-- Russian, CBJ or HJ. Offers hot oil. If you prefer, she's happy to give a little prostate massage while she does her thing. No BLS.

The MP is very pleasant and accomodating. She must have EE breasts, natural and surprisingly firm. Face not bad (although it's REALLY dark in that apartment) long curly black hair. I suspect that she's of First Nations origin. Hygiene is good and I didn't smell cigarette smoke (phew!).

Why did I TOFTT, you ask? Well, I'm 6 ft 2, 245 lbs competitive powerlifter-- and --- she made me feel SMALL. She probably has 100 lbs on me and it's mostly on her chest, abdomen and rear. I know some are fans of BBW (if so-- give her a try-- call and ask for the more experienced of the 2) but sadly, I am not. Despite the fact I wasn't remotely attracted to her, her CBJ technique was pretty good and watching the movie (although she blocks the view a bit...) helped me bust a nut in good time.

Needless to say, I won't return. I wish her well and hope that the BBW fans out there will keep her in business. I wonder what her friend (the brand new one) is like-- I'm not curious enough to chance it again.


ps alright gentlemen- your turn to TOFTT and post the results. I want to find a reasonably attractive and very openminded erotic masseuse in this town! Despite the safety concerns, I love BBBJ and BLS after a good massage.
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