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Nov 3, 2003
I'm off to Vegas next weekend and am looking for some pooner advice. I've been to Vegas many times, been ripped off in the men's clubs, been handed a thousand escort cards on the streets but have never called any. I've been propositioned outside the Flamingo several times but always very expensive.

Has anyone had some good service in Vegas at a reasonable price? Has anyone called one of the numbers that are on the cards. How did it work out? What is a reasonable amount to pay for FS?

Anyone been to the brothels out of town? How much? Quality of service?

Thanks for your input. Will post my experience if anyone can send me in the right direction.



Apr 27, 2003
I wouldn't bother, I've had friends call the numbers on the cards you get and it's never the girl on them. $75+ for a bj from a nothing thrilling woman, better to save your cash till you're home unless you win a ton of cash there. Then I'd talk to someone a one of the better strip clubs, you'd get a better looking girl that way.

Last time I went was for a week and I got laid twice without paying for it, just remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and you'll do fine.


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I find that the Indies want alot of money. I think soops right. I have had bargirls ask for 300 usd, but most will take 200, a few will take less. Of course the better girls hang out at the better hotels so the price will be higher. Also, many of the hotels will chase away the girls before midnight, but leave them alone after. You may find a better selection after midnight.


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May 18, 2002
Way down south in the Okanogan
Try checking out this site. The regular posters there are pretty straight forward on their recomendations.

As far as Agencies and Flyers they hand out..beware..2 bills gets the girl to your door..THEN the negotiations take place ..upsell.

Most of the regulars recommend the Independents..just email a few and inquire.
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