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LadyCerise - Roleplay Session


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Mar 12, 2016
I was able to have the pleasure of having a roleplay session with LadyCerise a few weeks ago after seeing her website/advertisements for some time!

I have to say that I'm disappointed I never had a session with her before! She was very receptive to my roleplay idea (where some others were not), and was genuinely interested in having a great time for the both of us. She really loves what she does and it absolutely shows! I'm sure she could sense that I was nervous so we talked for a couple of minutes settings boundaries and making sure we would have a safe and fun session for the both of us.

During the session her intuition is incredible! She knew exactly what to do to drive me crazy. Time flew so quickly, I wish I had booked a longer session with her, which I will hopefully be able to do some time soon. She's a beautiful and charismatic woman who absolutely loves what she does and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a fun BDSM/fetish/roleplay session.
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