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Lady Cerise


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Mar 31, 2023
Since I like both domination and traditional GFE, I reached out to LadyCerise (aka Miss Jay Cherie) to see if she might be willing to do some combination of both, since she offers both services. Based on my interests, she recommended I see her for a femdom session. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed, since she looks beautiful, and I could have happily gone for an escort encounter, but I did ask her what she'd be more into, and she answered, so I decided to go ahead with seeing her as a femdom...

I so glad I did! Communication was easy and scheduling was quick. She gave me a rough address a few days beforehand, and then when I contacted her an hour before, she gave me the actual location. Miss Cherie was ready right on time. She buzzed me in, then met me at her door wearing high leather boots, a schoolgirl skirt and top, and glasses. She looked AMAZING. She's a beautiful woman, and her outfit just amplified that.

After a shower, we got started. Her play space is in isn't huge, but it's very well equipped. Miss Cherie is the real deal. She's very skilled at sensation and impact play, which she mixed with teasing, evil laughs, and dirty whispering. I was a bit rusty as a sub, since I hadn't sessioned since covid, but she got me into subspace very quickly and reminded me how great BDSM can be with a terrific domme. Highlights included hot wax play followed by ice, which was very memorable, and tickling/scratching with some kind of claw/thorn glove (I was blindfolded so I never saw this particularly wicked toy). I also got to worship her amazing, toned legs, her beautiful feet, and even kiss her perfect butt, which was quite the treat. Miss Cherie also tested my limits with spanking, slapping, and a crop. She alternated between pain, teasing and worship flawlessly and had me on edge for the entire session. The session lasted two hours (including time at the beginning and end for showering), and it felt too short.

In the end, I didn't regret going the femdom route at all and I will definitely go back for more. I highly recommend Miss Cherie's for a wonderful femdom experience.
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