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Ladies and Lace (Nanaimo)

phil dirt

New member
Jul 21, 2003
Last weekend I was in Nanaimo. I called LL because there were some positive comments here.

The first encounter was with "valerie" . when she arrived I was a little disappointed because she was larger than described and larger than I prefer, but it was late, there were no other options and she seemed eager.

the rate was 170 Canadian for the hour. AS the hour progressed I was glad to see that my initla assessement of her eagerness was correct. I recevied 50 minutes of nonstop action. No greek but then I did not ask. DATY, BBBJTC all included.

Although larger than I prefer she was firm and very active. Great value. I would recommend her unless you are partial to the anorexic look.

the next night I called and the list of ladies was longer. I chose "Coral" when she arrived I was not disappointed but again the description was not quite accurate.

We moved to the bed and she asked what I had in mind. I told her an hour of her time and that I liked half and half and that I expected to get two releases. she told me that it was company policy that even with an hour only one release was allowed. I disputed that because my expereince from the night before allowed me multiple releases within the 50 minutes. She was insistant. I reluctantly agreed (she had already placed the donation in her purse) She performed in an average manner and left.

Upon leaving town I called the service. I told the phone attendant about my expereince. She said that Valerie was very popular and voiced a rather insincere comment about my lack of satisfaction with Coral.

I will not use the service next time I visit.
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