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Kyra Yumiko - Another Incredible Experience


Poon Hound
Mar 22, 2004
Edmonton, AB
Well persistence does pay off. It had been a few years since I had spent time with Kyra Yumiko. I was a regular when she worked in Vancouver, but hadn't seen her since before she moved to Calgary. But all that changed the other day when I finally saw her again....the experience was memorable..as usual.

Every day I would send her an email and also book an appointment online via her website http://www.kyraandthecity.com . I didn't hear from her for a long time but I kept it up. Then finally one day I heard that voice at the other end of the phone and my juices started stirring.

Kyra did the usual hide behind the door as I entered her place. What a magnificent sight awaited me as she closed the door to reveal herself standing in her heels and lingerie as I had requested. We hugged and kissed, she took my hand and led me up the stairs (covered in rose petals).

We stood in front of the bedroom and kissed as my hands explored her body. She suggested a quick bath, so in we went. I sat down in the bath tub and Kyra kneeled down facing me. She began by teasing my balls and penis, which was responding nicely to her actions. She then began to slide her tongue up and down my shaft, staying away from the tip. She did this for a while and then instructed me to stand up. She soaped us both up and then began some russian...I was pretty hard by now and she knew it.

We rinsed off, dried ourselves and continued on Kyra's king sized bed. I lay down beside her and once again kissed her while caressing her breasts and exploring her pussy. I moved down until I was licking her pussy. She liked it so I kept it up, she then put a hat on Mr Happy and we 69'ed for a while. She then turned around so she was between my legs and she began deep throating me..I have always really enjoyed this part..I don't know how she does it..but she sure is good at it. I had to ask her to slow down because I was going to blow a gasket.

She reached for her lube, spread it on and proceeded to sit on my cock. What a feeling..she has this way of looking at you as she rides you...she just rode me wild. As much as I enjoyed it, I wanted to do her missionary. So I flipped her over, slid inside and gave her a good pounding...I didn't last long. I never do with Kyra, she turns me on so much. After I exploded inside her, she cleaned me up with a warm towel and then joined me on the bed.

We spent some time talking, getting caught up with each other's lives. After some time, as we were talking Kyra began to stroke my penis. I wasn't sure whether to proceed or not it has been years since I have had two shots in one session. She kept paying attention to my penis and much to my surprise I got hard. She covered me with a rubber and once again deep throated me. After a while she moved in to position. She turned around and sat on me again, and rode me hard. This went on for a while until I flipped her over and entered her missionary. I wanted to finish but didn't think I could make it happen this way so I asked her to finsih me off with a hand job. Much to my surprise I didn't take very long and bingo...shot number 2.

Once again she cleaned me up with a hot towel. We talked for a bit but it was time to go. I got dressed and said goodbye at the door. I had to sit for a while once I got into my car...my knees were shaking.

I can't wait to see her again, soon I hope.


Apr 8, 2006
Another excellent review. I guess Vancouver's loss is Calgary's gain, not withstanding tonights hockey game, lol. Kyra is an absolute, without a doubt, top of the line quality SP by any cities standards in Canada.

Her reviews are consistently top notch. Her pictures are, well, spectacular doesn't even cover it. And $200 per half hour, $300 per hour is bang on with the going rates of Calgary. The only complaint is that she can be hard to get an appointment with, since she is selective of who she sees as clients. But by the sounds of this review, if you can see her, it is well worth the wait!!

Horn Dog

Jun 29, 2005
Lucky Bastards !

You guys are lucky as I have been trying to book with her for the past two months, no reply at all.