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Kitkat club-Berlin


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Dec 10, 2002
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I spent my last Friday night-actually Sat. morning-in a club here called the kitkat club-billed as a sex club but more like a large stylish disco where sex is openly encouraged . I know this would not be to everyones taste as it is a extremely open atmosphere-the night I was there was not billed as a gay night but the people who frequent this place are not at all hung up on rigid sexual definitions. Most of thre sex was of the man-woman variety -rather several men-woman-but also there seemed to be all sorts represented. Myself-I spent the evening dancing and watching-except for being roped in(literally) by one of the"performance artists" who did a mild S&M show with yours truly as the subject. Much to my surprise I enjoyed helping out and being the center of the whole clubs attention. My most memorable moment came when one end of policeman's club was held by me in my teeth while the mistress inserted the other end first in her pussy then her ass-what a view I had. Also had a great view of a woman being fisted on a platform in the middle of the dance floor. She just hopped up opened her legs and invited a friend to insert his hand. After several intense looking orgasms she hopped down and resumed dancing.

Two more nights to go
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