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Kingdom of Heaven - Carlotta's Vote for WORST MOVIE EVER...


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Dec 11, 2003

Orlando Bloom can't act... Being having brown eyes to drown in :eek: Liam Neeson is quickly killed off... Too much gore... AND at the Pre-screening put on by Z95 and others... The soundman/projectionist f'd up on the sound!!! I left & won't go to another O'Bloom movie ever... BLAH


Oh it's only redeeming qualities? The costuming at times "rocked" and the music was apt. I "might" buy the soundtrack. Or perhaps burn it from the libraries copy :p I would have loved to have been an "extra" on the set... There were enough of them!! Glad to see actual extras being given work. And I mean "actual" extras instead of animated extras.

My recommendation for Bloom's next movie? He & Tom should co-star in a Reality Series on the L-network... "Out on TV" & be done with it...

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Oct 16, 2004
I kinda liked it achally (Yes, I know how it's spelled, but I like my phonetic version of it)
I like reading history and these movies, when they come, bring the past back to life.
The storyline has striking similiarity with that other history/epic/war movie: Braveheart and you can see a lot of the same actors in it.
The battle scenes are awesome, in particular I was impressed with the seige warfare.