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Kama Sutra Update


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Jun 29, 2002
Just a FYI, I stopped in to see the studio, and the changes going on are quite significant. The studio is being updated to reflect a more suitable atmosphere.

More important, with Krissy's management, she has been hiring new staff, and re-training the staff she has chosen to retain.

The new line up also includes Kitana, Bambi, Laurie, Petra, and a number of other ladies.

Krissy has stated, that changing the attitude of her employees is her first priority, she wants them more "client focused", and intends to provide the service that will keep us comming back.

I believe that Kama Sutra will become the most popular studio in Edmonton's downtown area.

Good luck to them.


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Aug 9, 2003
If anyone can change that place...

Krissy can. She really ran a great MP at Penthouse for a long time. I miss her dearly.

Best luck to you and your new Gals, Krissy. I'll be by to check things out just as soon as I rob my next 7-Eleven or Break the Casino (gads, that doesn't sound very certain).

What I mean is that I will be in as soon as I take my beer bottles to the depot. Now that is certain!


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May 12, 2002
Here, and not there!!
I have to say, that back when Kama Sutra was Mystic and then the first while of when it was Electric certainly was one of the most popular MP's downtown. I hope that Krissy brings it back up to where it belongs!! It definately is a great location.
Good Luck!!:D
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