Josie @ Sinderella's


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Nov 20, 2002
:mad: Josie @ Sinderella's, aka Miss Restriction!

I thought I would take one for the team after spotting her picture and reading that she does greek. The pictures on Sinderella's site are her, just a bit old as she has gained some weight from as she put it 'drinking all the time'.

She was pleasant at the door when I met her, she is attractive. 5'7" with long hi-lighted dirty blonde hair. Once in the room though she asked what I wanted and for the money right away. This has not happened to me in a long time. I told her that I wanted FS and she ask for 2 browns and a red. Seemed high, as I usually pay 2 browns.

She came back after about 15 min with a drink and proceeded to only take off her dress...seems to me if we are doing FS why would she leave her underwear on? After a two minute light rub on my back she told me to flip over. I asked if she would like me to give her a massage she said that she does not like them. She went right for the beltline, not even pretending to massage or tease.

Her idea of FS is limited to one position...doggie, no others. I am sure that DFK, DATY etc is not allowed too. I inquired about greek and she said for double the price. I would never pay 5 browns for that!! I have had greek from five girls in EDM three of them for 2 browns and others like Krissy wanted from 3 to 4 browns total. Then she said to hurry...I asked if we had an hour...nope, she said it was only half an hour. Well, I suppose I am used to Fantasy and Penthouse where the hour is standard and FS is 2. She is young so I am not surprised, just disappointed. I will not repeat as I like so many others in Edm more! I will stick to Ariel, Sydney, and girls @ Penthouse where great service is predictable and expected...and delivered with a smile!!:p


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Jun 14, 2003
Just south of here
Shoulda done a little research, coulda saved yourself the trouble. She already has multiple reviews almost identical to yours.

Just a word of advice.