Luna Lace
E.D. Meds



Jun 10, 2003
e town
i yalk to jenn last night and set up a morning romp she goes to collage by my place GMCC so i drop in to please my morning hard on was a great time i meet her off a telephone chat okay she A little chuncky but loves her job was hear for 2 hours i only paid 80 bucks i ask why so cheap she says she likes to get fucked alot and she only charges a little to cover her losing her job last mouth {her WORDS I WAS A SLUT WHEN I STARTED AND ILL BE ONE WHEN II STOP DOING THIS BUT RENT DUE NEXT WEEK } ANYWAY IF ANY BODY WANTS HER NUMBER PM I WILL NOT POST IT IN THREADS THANKS AGIN JENN .WARNING she is about 190 so if you dont want a chub stay away chubby but cute i will do her agin