Karina Espinosa

Jasmine... Damn glad I found you again...


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Dec 13, 2019
ianian was my name...Been a few years since I've posted...been stuck on a few regulars only stray once in awhile so here goes...
Jasmine...stole my heart years ago...Very professional in a career that she loves. The difference I find in all the beauties that offer us a service is in the personality, the intimacy, the true Alchemy that can occur. It is not just about a pretty face and gorgeous body. Yes some people are into the quick bang a gong and you are gone types but with Jasmine you are entering into a freindship were the both of you can explore anything your heart desires.... Have been seeing her of and on for a few years ( I was her first independent after CC). Sure glad I followed her. I still visit CC quite abit when our schedules dont jive...lots of nice girls there but I always miss her and cant wait to get back to her smile and her aura. Her smile and her lascivious eyes can almost make me come with one look...must be the memories they bring up. Would I recommend her...yes because she is consistantly the type of lady any man dreams of.


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Oct 6, 2018
Super nice introduction of Jasmine, wondering if you would let me know how I can contact her? Where to find?


Apr 14, 2008
IanIan is most likely referring to Jasmine (no rose as sweet). The ad list by Jbanker is for Jasmine Pearl, a more recent addition to the girls of Victoria. The Jasmine the OP is referring to has been in Victoria for several years and started out at CCE. She was there for about a year before going independent.
Just let me say that one cannot go wrong visiting Jasmine, and I speak from experience. Jasmine Pearl has a few good reviews on here as well.


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Apr 23, 2014
Victoria, BC
Holy smokes are there a lot of Jasmine's now! I can't say I blame anyone for the name, as I love it too, but I do wanna clarify which Jasmine is from this review. I'm this one: https://perb.cc/vbulletin/showthread.php?281753-Jasmine-Rose-New-year-new-place-new-reviews!

I did a quick search for "jasmine" as a keyword search and I was honestly surprised to see so many ladies using this name. When I started out, I did some research to try to make sure no one else was currently using this name because I didn't want to get confused with anyone else. And I don't want any of you getting confused either. I'm the Jasmine from this review. The Original. The Classic. Call it what you will, there are many who go by this name, so just be careful that you know who you are dealing with. I don't want anyone out there getting scammed or hurt.

I have been off perb for a little while, so I may have been a little hard to find, but hopefully some of my recent reviews have helped make me easier to find. And if that didn't help at all... here I am in the digital flesh!

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy January. Hope to see you soon! xo
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