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Ashley Madison


Oct 9, 2002
This girl has been reviewed before. And catagorized both as excellent and as only OK.

She is far from OK, she is superb! Especially for an old perv like me!

Jamie has a brilliant smile, and brilliant eyes, and enjoys EVERYTHING, and makes you feel like a teenager again. She admits to it, and really is, a nice girl who really enjoys men; and pleasing them.Once again, opening up the wallet a little bit opens up the ...... Yea, I AM a pig!

Her write-up is accurate on the web page(s): she warms up with time. For a teenage fantasy, with a girl with no chips on her shoulder (though now maybe now some other white stuff!) give her a go! Managed twocums in one sessions, very rare for an old fart!

Ratings: 8/9.5/9.0

Hope I'm not spreading BSE to BC! Yo, Bill