Jamaica Action


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Sep 10, 2005
Anyone been to Jamaica and know if there is any decent and safe action??
Thanks in advance


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Dec 12, 2003
'Libidiny', BC
No...when I was there Feb/05, I 'toured' some of the escort establishments. Went into one to talk with the ladies to see if they were interested in taking a vacation in Canada. Turned out that the crteria they have to meet to be eligible to leave their country is almost formidable for an average citizen, never mind a working girl. Have kept in loose contact with one very beautiful girl with a great personality. It was a real eye opener when we tried to arrange her visit. The hoops she had to jump through were too high or too small. I have a great contact there for transportation and just about anything else. It's important to have people you can trust not to take you into the back country and rob you or worse. Just be careful and stick to well travelled areas. Most people are wonderful but there are those that are looking for an easy go.