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I've never had the pleasure


Oct 17, 2002
Well, I've never had the pleasure of Bailey's company and I'm not even sure if all the crap I read about her is true, but I do know that it is a good thing to have a board like this available to put both sides of a story out there. It wasn't that many years ago when someone got ripped off, either SP or client, there was no recourse for either party. It's boards like this that changed all that. Not sure why the MOD shut down the comments on the other thread, but that's his perogative.
It's obvious that many more SPs get great reviews than don't. Maybe that's because no one wants to see the fact of their horrible service broadcast across the world wide web. From reading all the stuff that Bailey wrote it was obvious she was her own worst reviewer (the 'Gang in the Hall' notwithstanding).
I think maybe the MOD doesn't like actual names being used (and that makes sense) but does anyone else have a horror story like NEED's to share? If nothing else, it sure goes a long way toward livening up a 'sleepy board'. Kind of makes you appreciate the great SPs when they do come along.
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