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ISO: "Yaletown luxury"


Oct 20, 2002
hey guys, just called "Yaletown Luxury" ad in the GS and she quoted me a great rate... 140/30min, 160/hr. She ounded great over the phone but i'm still a little weary. Her picture is just of her bust, albeit a nice one but doesn't really show her whole body. Has anyone had any experience with this one??? Whats she look like?? attitude, service?? Thanks!


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Mar 26, 2004
yaletown luxury

I went and saw her about 2 months ago. she sounded pretty nice on the phone rate was pretty good so decided to go ahead with it. got there. was kind of disappointed because the picture was defently not her. I took care of the donations... at the time it was 3 green 1 red for half hour.
(I guess it has gone up). she started a massage... chatted a little and told me to flip... CBJ was okay...
pretty big tits... played with them a little..
she was a little bit on the chubby side thats why I dont think she is the one in the pic....

did her doggy to finish....
overall I would give he L 6 A 7 S 7

she told me she works with her friend some blonde also big tits.... maybe she is the one in the pic...
anyways I'm not sure how much I remember so let me know if you want to know anything else.

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