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ISO: Sable on Buy&Sell


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Dec 3, 2002
Anyone seen Sable on Buy&Sell?
I tried the search, no review on her.
Would appreciate any info!
Her ad goes like this:
Follow stiletto heels up fantastic legs in silk stockings to a well-rounded finish! I am a striking, 45 yr old passionate yet sophisticated platinum blonde. Come discover the hidden fire that maturity has brought to my 38-28-38 curves. Ignite your day. Call SABLE: 604-551-6095. Aldergrove/White Rock


Jan 4, 2003
That ad definately would strike more than my interest!!!! There is something to be said about ads that have a bit of thought put into them or even a small dose of skill to boot.

It would be nice if we knew that all the girls wrote thier own ads so there may be even small indication of thier artistic existance but alas we are not in Alberta and few of the girls care to exhibit any creativeness. I think it is especially dull when an agency uses the same exact words in an ad but applies it to another girl! This tells the perceptive browser that the girls really aren't what they say if one ad can serve as a description for numerous girls. I know that most guys prefer to have even the smallest inside info on an sp's personality before he gives her a whirl so wouldn't a generic ad that never changes weekly but showcases different names be misleading? Reflective of the services? I hope not!
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