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ISO: Jamie [email protected] (visiting vancouver)


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Jan 3, 2003
Anyone visited her before? She looks amazing. She replied promptly, rates 400$ for outcall. That seems very high, considering all the great deals for 200$ or so. Just wondering if anyone had used her. Also, she said something about that price being, "to come see you" Does this mean she'll ask for more for services? Or is she just quoting her outcall price?

Thanks in advance.

Also, if anyone has any advice, I'm a newbie. Visiting Van soon.
I want either a young, petite blonde with a nice rack, or a nice petite asian with a rack.

Suggestions are greatly appriciated, Young, with a nice set is key for me.
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Tempura too ;)
May 12, 2002
Vancouver - sort of
TonySoprano said:
Anyone used her before?
A word to the wise - "used" in reference to an sp is not cool.

Be a gentleman and use the words visited or seen.

Just my .02
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