Tara Green

ISO info on SW on Kingsway


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Feb 28, 2004
Any of you guys ever see a SW on Kingsway, might be native, maybe asian or native mix? She used to always be moving, walking back and forth between from about Rupert to Slocan (near the Purdy's building). North side of the street.

I think her name might be Nikki (not sure how to spell it). She's young, thin, dresses pretty well. Has nice, long brown hair.

I'm curious to hear about experiences with her and what rules she has.


deany allen

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Jul 27, 2003
royal & 8th
Nikki is her name. I first met her almost two years ago. She is native/asian, and a very sweet person. She is very thin, pretty, with long beautiful hair. She plays it safe, CBJ, and no DATY. I hardly ever go cruising anymore, IMHO, just not worth the effort. Last time I saw her she was bombed out of her mind, that really surprised me as I'd never seen her like that before. At that time, I had not seen her in many months, wished her well, and often wondered how she is doing. Is she still on the Kingsway stroll?
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