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Island Beauties

Van/Vic Guy

Apr 30, 2003
Homes in Van and Vic
Island Beauties is still in its starting up and set up mode.
They have there location, but it only has one room now in use.
They are still dry walling and setting up the rooms.
There plan it to be an upscale gentlemen’s Club.
Showers, Theme rooms. Ect.
All legit licenses and all above board.
They are putting in all lot of effort to make it the best in Victoria.
Drug free, and only quality SP.

It consists of Ex-CL SP.
The SP all quit after Viki's telephone and Hydro were cut off at their Bay and Quadra location.
Viki is down to 6-8 SP now. (She had 40-50 at one time) There only doing out calls in Victoria now, because they can't use the house anymore.
Viki is so broke she's now back working!!
She's in her 50's!!

The clean SP from CL were tired of the underage SP and open drug use in the house. So they created there own agency.

IB will be operational in a week or two.
It's in an industrial neighborhood, no neighbors to piss off.

It's run by Terran and of the old CL.
There plan is to be up-scale, with theme rooms. Etc
Much like Swedish touch in Van.

If you like them hot, try Ella or Pandora, they both worked at CL for a short time and are a clean drug free SP. (They all are there at IB) They were all pissed at the conditions and the downhill slide at CL.

Ella: is a blonde, with a great personality and a killer body and a gorgeous face. You could look at her all night long.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Highly recommended!!
GF material!

They are in the process of setting up a web site, coming soon.
Be patient, it will be up soon.



New member
Oct 3, 2002
sounds like hes just there to advertise! not to review! what you must know them personally?? photo guy? or somthing rather!


Caveat Emptor
Jan 7, 2003
Just curious, but where does Kayla work, she is listed in the lineup of girls with CL in Vancouver and on the website, but she is also got a photo on the IB who does she work for?

Also curious about who is running IB, first it was a person calling themselves Donna, and now it says Terran is running it. Have you just switched names or are there more than one person running the place?

Lastly Hip, what are you talking about? you know the IB site is on bcdarlings...


You Wish You Were Me
Aug 9, 2002
Terran/Donna may be the same person. Pretty sure Terran was a working name.


New member
Jan 12, 2003
When I inquired way back when to CL, sometime after CL's last extended tour in March when most of the ladies had started leaving. Where's Terran??? Vicki told me Terran had left CL and was considering starting another agency.

Good luck to Terran with IB. I wonder if Terran is availble for appointments??


Van/Vic Guy

Apr 30, 2003
Homes in Van and Vic
I was accused of being and ad and not a review of Island Beauties.

There is some truth to that statement.

After using agencies and SP for over 30 years in Vancouver and Victoria, I have to know many SP's on a personal level.

We have gone out on a social level and go shopping together, driving around, or just hanging out. Alternatively, just for a coffee.

I have dated them after they have left the service industry too.

I have seen many faces and bodies in my time. 30 yrs. worth!!
Some are very memorable and we developed a personal relationship after their time as being a SP.

After watching the rise and decline of so many agencies in both cities. Plus SP's going independent also, with their success.

When I see a group of SP's trying hard to start up and be clean and legit, I want to give them the kudos’ they deserve.

Island Beauties it really trying hard to be a high-class operation, something Victoria has missed since CL shut down there penthouse operation.

The URL:

Is a Nanaimo Based service, it's not in Victoria
They happen to share the same name.

If you call Island Beauties in Victoria, you might get no answer.
It's because there are only one room available and only a few SP available working right now. So be patient.

They are going thru the applications for employment ASAP.
They have a high Standard and want to meet it.

They are still setting up shop right now.

They had over 50 calls recently for SP's, they can't keep up with the demand right now. They will very soon, when the rooms are available and the SP's are all hired. They are being very thorough to assist you.

So. I admit I know many of the SP in Vic, on a personal level. I just want to see then do good.

I have no financial or business gains here.

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