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Is this Girl for Real??


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Dec 17, 2005
Awhile back, you COULD have 'paid to watch that'!!

Her again. This chick used to be on CL Vancouver many months ago, at the time offering a live sex show for dirtcheap. Dirtcheap as in I was afraid to go once I a)got the price and b)saw photo sent of the guy that would be doing her! Not into getting robbed particularly..... As I was going to Vancouver, I do admit that I did email her for info. Man, when she send a picture of the guy and he looked like a neck-tattoo'd biker/trucker/white trash thug all rolled in to one man! (not like there is anything at all wrong with being any/all of those things, but just to give y'all an idea) Claims she is a playboy model but the whole thing just reeked of low-class, and possible pimp. Also, all HER photos at the time did not 'match', it was those 2 photos in the current ad, but some other ones where it looked quite bait n switch like. I did NOT Toftt, to be clear, but this is the info I have to offer for your question Crazy Ivan:eek: . Anyone actually ever go and see her???
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