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Jan 20, 2003
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Extortion for money or wrecking your job.

We may need to maintain a high security clearance or belong in a certain professional body.
Yes, some of us (not necessarily me) need to maintain our high security clearance. TSB could get CSIS to check up to our Loyalty and Secret Level III clearances.
It depends on what boxes you select on the permission form that you fill in when you apply for that high security clearance job.

Professional body is different since they are trying to promote members' interests as opposed to kick out members.
Security clearance is a must if you are in any of the larger centers in Alberta - the police clear you (they won't let you get a licence otherwise)... with no licence, you can't advertise (all the papers are in on this). Try it sometime... put an ad in and they will not only ask for your licence number, but ask you to come down, once a year, in person, to show your updated licence. I kid you not. This is why there is a lawsuit in the courts in Edmonton. Well... this.. and a few other things.
only to Revenue Canada... no court and certainly no bylaw can ask you for such a disclosure. Why? Are you in a place that requires such a thing in a bylaw?

Come to think of it... the old Edmonton bylaw (which means probably many of the other Alberta bylaws) did expect each escort to detail the name of the client, address, date and time she arrived, the time she left, and the money she received. Our new Edmonton Escort bylaw didn't carry that through because "they thought it might be challengable" so now all they expect is a general location (hotel, but not the room number) and the date and time of the call. Nothing more. Is that what you meant?