Ashley Madison



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Nov 12, 2002
I have several favorites, so I'll do mine "High Fidelity" style.

Wolverine's Top Three Current SPs:
1. Anna at Eurospa - instead of a half-hearted rubdown, she actually employs an all-over holistic massage that's simply amazing. Add to the fact that she's quite a hot-looking cougar with a sexy French-Canadien accent, a dancer's body, long silky dark hair and soft skin who is very open, and you have a winnah!

2. Brooke at Fantasy - petite, cute, blonde hardbody with a warm, wonderful personality who makes you feel like a stud.

3. Krissy at Penthouse - she loses some points for tattoos, borderline anorexia and variable mileage, but when she gives you her all, you'll have to be carried home!

Dr Phibes

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Nov 14, 2002
Hmmm. If I was going to just choose 1 currently it would be Haley at Supreme but if I get a chance to see Zoe at Prestige I'm fairly confident that could change.

If I went the top 3 route then it would be

1. Haley at Supreme - Friendly, Nice Body and good extras

2. Anne-Marie at prestige - Great milleage and massage.

3. Victoria at prestige - Another Friendly playful girl. A lot of fun.

Of course I haven't been out as much as I would like so I'm basing on the 3 from the past year that I've had the "pleasure" to see.

davy crockett

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Jun 25, 2003
So many choices so little time, Oh well here goes;
1) Best Face Taylor at Fantasy, Dark skin European, mmmmm.

2) Best View While on your Back, Shawna at fantasy during a CBJ, round puffy mmmmm.

3) Best Mature Jesse at Fantasy , Skill, knowledge,technique,and that trick with the head cover awesome.


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Nov 15, 2002
My list

I've a completely different list, just because I have been going back to my fav's and haven't checked out the other recommendations yet till I get the urge for more variety..

1. Taylor from the Cove, blond, fit, fabulous ex-gymnast. My current new fav. A body to die for. Weekdays only, unfortunately.
2. Zoe- another hardbodied sassy attitude type gal that really turns my crank. Incredible ass.
3. Anna at Eurospa, french, tall, lean hardbodied yoga master that is the epitome of sensuality and caring. Gives a great massage and best HJ to finish.