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Info on Tracy


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Jun 24, 2002
Yes I know, but could it be too good to be true ?


Mr. Controversy
Jul 21, 2003
Your place or mine?
Any body want to take this potential gem for a test ride? I personally don't like charting uncharted waters, but anybody want to TOFTT?


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May 14, 2002
Let me guess Linus I guess you were disappointed? Could you be more specific? Like if you spent $200 what would you get? I guess $160 does not get you much these days. --- Kev


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Jul 3, 2003
so you all want details.........

decided to take one for the team so I booked a afternoon appointment.

initially I asked for a half hour session but seeing her in person I decided to stay the hour, she's not ugly. pics are accurate.

started off with a massage, which was OK cause I was sore. I take my clothes off she keeps her's on. seems strange....maybe she's shy I think to myself? after 30 minutes of massage I asked for the "main event", after all the ad does say FULL SERVICE. I don't do that she says, I said really so what does 160HR/FS mean. She says a FULL SERVICE MASSAGE. I'm thinking to myself " I am never taking one for the team anymore "

I calmly and politely tried to explain to her that the ad is misleading, she continues to massage and gives me "the story" of why she can't do "it". After 10 more minutes of massage I decided to leave, when I said enough she left the room so I could put my clothes back on (classy huh?).

Went for my swim at KITS to try and shake the " I feel like a sucker symptom " After my swim I decided to call the moderator of the local escorts website to ask him what full service means. We both agreed that I was suckered. He compensates me (that's between him and me) after talking to Tracy. A little while after Tracy calls and realizes that I posted about our session and tries to make amends by offering a free session if I take back my review. This is my review of the service "160/hr FS = massage only". I asked her if my review was untruthful, she said no it was my fault. How about that free session she asks. HELL NO says I

Why? It's not because she unattractive, it's because she's cunning and manipulative. What a shame for her.