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Important Message from Jessie of Bex


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Feb 7, 2003

I am Jessie's friend. She told me to help her get this message across on this board because her english is limited.

Her message is:

Everybody, please don't post any more message regarding me on this board. I feel hurt when someone came to me and said people on this board talked a lot of things about me and many of them are not true. I don't want to be in the topic of discussion here anymore. I feel very unhappy because of all the discussions here about me. Please stop it for my good if any of you still have some respect of me. Thank you.


Oct 6, 2002
I guess she hasn`t read them because almost all have been very positive and falttering of her and have brought her all the business she has been getting. I`m curious who the knob is that told her about reviews. Some people just have no manners or class. Oh well, I find her to be very sweet and kind so will no longer post any review or respond to any review regarding her.


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I think those past post about bbbj & even one about the possibilities of even more mileage would put alot of pressure on her. Can you imagine if some guy with sores comes in and asks for a bbbj, or anal and then said "I read it in the internet" that you do this and that. I think we should respect her wishes if it is her wishes... OOPS, I guess this post would disqualify me. Never mind. ;)
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