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I'm new here but I have to do this....

Taylor Maiden

Aug 1, 2003
Calgary Canada.
That post needed to go.


I deleted that post because I played myself.

I phoned a few ladies the other day to see how to work in Van, I followed without asking here first. God I feel so stupid.

Yes I am an ass.

In the usa LE phone us all the time. I didn't want to entrap myself.
I am a nice person, I don't know anyone in this city so I asked other black ladies/ agencies in the Georgia how to work here. I was told nothing is said on the phone. I was also hung up on for asking.

Shall we say I should have asked more clients instead? Also I would never kick anyone in the bum...unless he asked me to of course:)

I apologize to every member of this board.
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New member
Apr 4, 2003
Tolerance of customers.

But you have to tolerate the silly questions from customers.
I saw your number in the phone book what is your address?
Isn't it in the phone book?
You close at 4 PM? It is 3:30 PM right now, can I show up at 4 PM?
On and on, we deal with it during our 9 to 5 or 8 to 4 PM work.
Not every caller reads reviews, knows how to search reviews, believes reviews, etc.

WC Drifter

Mar 8, 2003
West Coast
Hi Taylor

The vast majority of people don't take the time to research the important things in life.

Most people buy houses with little to no investigation other than what you asking and how can i get it.

When I look for a job, I even research the company and try to find out if I would want to work there. During the interview I tend to ask alot of questions myself. A friend of mine just sends faxes to whoever and doesn't even know who they are when they call for an interview.

As with any purchase, most people want value for their money. They have an expectation, they don't have tons of cash they don't know what to do with, and they want assurity of satisfaction.

Perhaps the gents you are used to don't have money issues, so they don't ask all those questions.

The more in need of clients you are, the more inclined you will be to put up with these questions.

Personally, it sounds like you don't have time for all that "nonsense" and deal with it accordingly. That could cut into your business. If an SP's rate is higher than the norm, maybe many guys want to know why? Are they worth it?


Jun 26, 2003

For some it's an ice breaker. Sort of like hearing the goods straight from the horses mouth so to speak, if you'll pardon the pun *W.

And welcome to Vancouver!


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Dec 17, 2002
Somewhere Out There
I'm guilty of this - its an ice breaker - an obvious question to ask to get the "feel" of a lady, hear what she sounds like, see if there is any connection, get over the "first date jitters".


Mar 25, 2003
TM- Prostitution is legal here in Canada so it's perfectly all right to state your rates over the phone. Men here are used to asking because they like to be prepared. I won't even book an appointment unless the gent knows exactly what I offer and for how much.

LE in Victoria and Vancouver are interested in getting girls off the street and into agencys so that tourists don't see them, that's all. LE would only investigate you if the neighbours complain of suspicious traffic to see if it's a "common bawdy house" (2 or more girls working in the same place) which is still illegal. They always block their calls. If you are still nervous you can get an escort liscence from city hall (in Victoria it's $250/ year). If they do catch you without one it's only a $100 fine, no criminal record!

You can thank Pierre Trudeau for being in favor of the oldest profession in the world!! Yay Canada!!

P.S. Solicitation in a public place is still illegal, but I think over the phone doesn't count as that might be entrapment (also illegal here). Anyone know more about that?


The Travelling Member
Jul 21, 2003
Without researching the laws in BC, Massagegirl is right. Telephone conversations are considered private. Taped telephone conversations WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT ARE UNADMISSIBLE AS EVIDENCE in court as it is considered unconstitutional.

Having said that, advertising or posting over the internet about what is offered could be considered solicitation in public. As the internet is considered public domain.

Therefore, SP's should not confirm the type of service discussed by posters on any internet discussion forum.

The above discussion is based on my general knowledge of laws in Canadian and British Columbia. It is only a general discussion of the laws. It cannot be considered as legal advise. As such, actions taken by any individuals as a result of this post are not advised by me. For specific legal advise, please contace a professional law practitioner.

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