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I'm Back! First time nekid in public!


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Aug 29, 2003
For those of you who asked for a report on my first time nekid in public...

Terra Cotta Inn

Wife and I went to that place and I highly reccomend it! It was our first time at a clothing optional resort and we had the most relaxing time ever. We were nervous until we stepped out of the room and then it was all gravy! Bodies of all sizes, and a few very good looking women were there so that was pleasant. It was completely non-sexual and just very relaxing. We brought about 4 changes of clothes and didn't use one of em! :)

They provide a continental breakfast and around 4pm come out with wine and cheeses and other light snacks. They really pamper you there. Very, very nice staff.

The house masseuse in extremely good as well as being very attractive. (I prefer a massage by a pretty woman over an unattractive one or a man.) :)

Before we went we tanned indoors for a few weeks to get rid of fish-belly white skin, and I also got a bit of waxing done. (that hurt) I would suggest at the very least tanning before taking off all your clothes, as getting burned in sensitive areas can not be a pleasant thing.

If you've never done that type of thing before I highly reccomend the Terra Cotta Inn, and if you've done it before I suggest a visit here. We will be back there in about 6 months and we'll stay a week this time. :)

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