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If the loony Left means big Government and massive deficits, WTF's going on now?

Maury Beniowski

Mar 31, 2004
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My views float between Right and Left, depending on the situation. In other words, I'm a free spirit - dangerous as that may be to the ones in powers at the time.

I can't subscribe to the lemming principle of rigidly bulldozing Right or Left doctrine with little thought of who gets run over in the process. That's why "I am Canadian"!

I've voted Liberal, Conservative or NDP in the past, and will not be prodded to toe any party line. I think most Canadians feels this way. Looking South, I wished a Republicans would win the White House when the Dems were going out of control on many issues. But what the US has now is strange to say the least. What ever happened to benevolence and common sense?

Politicians nowadays are rotten to the core. They steal, lie and cheat to remain in power. Now that they've been caught with their fingers in the till, they actually have the gall to legislate funding of their campaigns, based on their proportion of the national vote. Translated literally, "We can't steal the money, so we're going to make it legal to commandeer it from you". In effect, this means we the taxpayers are now funding, yes funding the electoral campaign of the Bloc Quebecois, and the others. We are paying to help them separate from Canada, because they cannot afford to raise the money themselves. How loony can "WE" be? Rene must be laughing in his grave...

Is it any wonder that Canadians have lost respect for their leaders and are turning their backs on their own country? Canadians are avoiding taxes like never before. More and more, transactions are made with cash, avoiding the GST and provincial sales taxes - it is now the norm, not the exception. Citizens rationalize it by thinking "they're a bunch of crooks, so why shouldn't I be like them?" Remember, leadership means we emulate their behaviour. The government fights back by opening more casinos and expanding lotteries to skim a greater proportion of money transactions (up to 60%!!!), and raising taxes further still, instead of addressing the root causes. The government is now clinically addicted to gambling revenues, and has become, for all intents and purposes morally bankrupt.

This has happened so often in world history, but everyone's too busy running scared to bother looking back.

Where or when will it all end?


New member
Jan 22, 2003
amen not until the voters kick the crooks out and the voters start taking control of the political process, by that i mean down here when a politician tells a lie about his opponent hes fined massively(hit them where it hurts)everytime he takes a kickback throw them out of office and into jail thats why i beleave in the inititive and referemdom process.


Apr 4, 2005
Maury the pirate you cannot use the US as an economic model. They are insanely paranoid about their personal and oil supply security. After 9-11 there was a ton more credibility to their paranoia but the amount of money they throw at it all around the world just cannot be sustainable in terms of their own economy.

Proper progressive governments are not large and can provide powerful social nets by having sufficient and sustainable funding. That is a concept lost on socialists who reward and encourage mediocrity and instill expectations for things not properly earned through individual effort.