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Naughty Knickers

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Apr 5, 2017
There are too many mediocre things in life already, sex shouldn't be one of them! Finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. The end to silence and contactless transactions. Abundantly aware of how 15 months brings a craving for noise, touch and connection. The electricity only carnality can ignite! It is wonderful to be back!

~ The good news? I will be back to my cozy studio nestled in the heart of China Town for June and thrilled to be stretching the wings of debauchery. Offering fourhand, & FS duos every Friday!

~ House keeping ~ The difference between rumor and gossip. Several years ago I stopped working as Naughty Knickers while I dealt with something extremely PRIVATE, but was able to continue offering massage. Rather than explain to every client why I could no longer fuck them, I chose to use another name. Its quite simple! The only bad reputation I have is for being a complete tart! The rumors are true, I have used another name, but the gossip is spread when someone trusted tells the board to book a duo with both my handles and see how it goes, when they know the why and the severity of that absence! So lets put the gossip and rumors to bed! And get on with the activities at hand! You have a question, just ask ME.


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