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IB girls review


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Nov 3, 2003
Spent the day golfing with the boys and the subject of getting laid came up in the clubhouse afterwards. "I know what we should do" I said. Well, the boys are into it so off to the phone. Called and requested 3 girls who turned out to be Natalie, Kristi and Kassidy. We each booked 1/2 hour.

My experience was with Natalie. As there are only two rooms at IB, I wound up in the breakroom which was fine, although only couches, no bed. Natalie is a very pretty girl. Brunette, some tatoos, great body except for small sort of droopy breasts. Her attitude initially was sort of disconcerning, very jumpy, peeking out window, and a little strange. She was going on about why she was doing this, plans for the future, seemed sort of nervous and needed to justify why she was there. I wish all the girls well and hope they all meet their goals but lets be frank. I really don't want to hear about all this stuff. Things started with a CBJ, no kissing, hugging, etc.. Had me hold her hair up while she was doing her thing which I found very sexy. Followed with a few positions and finished reverse cowgirl. The highlight for me was sharing a shower with her afterwards. She gave me a bodywash, light massage and I reciprocated. She was much more at ease at this point which was great. I thought she was nice looking initially but standing in the shower with her, I just kept thinking, "Wow is she ever beautiful". Water running off her body. Couldn't stop thinking about her on the drive home.

Meanwhile, the other guys were doing their thing and we all met in the vehicle afterwards. Highlights of their experiences were as follows:

Kassidy (Quotes from buddy 1)
"Holy crap, she is a f... allstar"
"I couldn't believe it. She says, I love to cum while I'm sucking c.... and out comes this toy. She's doing herself and me at same time"
"She puts this vibrator under my balls"
"I had 2 MSOG in 1/2 hour"
"Take me to the bank, I'm going back"
"1/2 hour isn't enough"
"Man, that was great. I mean that was really great. No, I mean that was really, really great."
I think we all understand what his opinion is!

Kristi (Quotes from buddy 2)
"Wow does she ever love to f..."
"She's wild"
"I ripped my condom off. She asked me what I was doing. I said I wanted to cum on your big, beautiful tits. She said, just don't get me in the face."
" I shot it right over her head onto the carpet."
To me he says, "So are you golfing again next weekend?"

On behalf of the boys, thanks to IB and the girls for an exceptional Sunday.


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Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
Gives new meaning to ....

greens, putters and "a hole in one" .... whatz your handicap? ;-)

Perhaps Donna will lay out a suitable course at the next gentleman's event so that everyone may practice their "putting" and improve their handicaps
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