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Sa Lang He

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Feb 6, 2003
i want some korean girls,who can help me???please leave any information here such as adress or telephone number ,thank u very much


Oct 6, 2002
Seoul massage, dunno how many reviews are already up.
Jan 20, 2003
Avatar looks like Angelina.
Yes, Pinky is known to ask for nationality.

2cums is right.

Pinky speaks mandarin, and/or at least "Shanghainese" and smoking doorman speaks Cantonese.

What are you going to say when they see your oriental looks and start speaking Chinese to you?

If you say you're Japanese, then so many sxxxx establishments in the world sadly will try to raise the price on Japanese mongers.

So if you're Korean and you want to slip in, it might be best to say that you are a CBC, make it third generation, and can't speak Chinese.

Enjoy the life!


Sep 20, 2002
I believe some of the gals in these AMP don't want to meet another Korean who they might know.

It's a risk they take and is not restricted to this AMP. Also, some AMP that have a large asian client base are wary of the odd "white" guy. Probably thinks he's LE, esp if they only advertize in asian papers.

I believe many MP have security cameras these days so they know who's at the door.
Jan 20, 2003
Avatar looks like Angelina.
Only 3 fluent Chinese LE in Vancouver?

Hello Gina Lee (Wow, is this another SP?):

Shank is right about the occasional "white" guy showing up and spooking the AMP.
Chinese guys, or Asian males period, in general rarely join LE.

Let's say Vancouver municipality has approximately 1000 LE.
About 10 are Chinese.
About 6 can speak "some" Chinese.
About 3 can speak fluent Chinese.
Sobering numbers. How many do you think can speak Japanese, Vietnamese, or Korean?

But it is, great looking odds for the AMPs don't you think?

Someone in the PERB audience, will ask, "Isn't 3 fluent officers enough to bust 50 MPs?" Well "3" doesn't necessarily mean "3" is available. Vancouver takes about two of the fluent Chinese and places them in "high-profile public-speaking/Chinese-speaking/I can no longer do uncover" positions.

Yes Vancouver LE has busted a "handful" of MPs but then there are the regrets. The one Chinese LE is tied up in massive court preparation for xxxx number of days. He has to testify in court - so then the whole criminal world can see his face, and then he can say goodbye to his undercover career. Who's the soon to be demoted staff Seargent who wanted him to bust AMPs!? We need our one Chinese LE for the following....

A recruiter for LE, wants to take the "one" young fluent Asian member and reserve him for Asian crime squad. And you can bet that "one" guy is also highly desired for every other undercover operation: Latin/Indian crime squad, and the Vietnamese crime squad, and the Hells Angels crime squad. A big emphasis on drugs.

Busting discrete AMPs (they're not exactly Brazilian Termas!!) and SPs are not at the top of the radar when it comes to deployment of your Asian LE.

SPs are relatively safe from being busted by the limited (miniscule) number of Asian LE. They are unlikely to take the ferry to Victoria and bust "Slava Blixen, JudeTheDude, Sweaty Brooklyn and NickelMace." Names changed to protect the innocent, bushy-eyed and bunny-tailed.


Its like busting Silicon Valley for liking computers

I know of at least 6 MPs that have been busted.

The 3 that are still in business include: WAVE, NEW WORLD, and TEMPTATIONS.

TEMPTATIONS is by far #1 on the hit list.

What are my views on the pro law?
Its like busting Silicon Valley for liking computers.

When you bust an AMP then you accelerate the growth process.
The owner will form another AMP.
Mamasan will form another AMP.
Doorman will form another AMP.

I recall when the police busted the PENTHOUSE and then miraculously SWs popped up on the west end and Richards/Nelson and independent SPs popped up in heavier numbers in the ads.

Vancouver used to have the "midtown stroll" SWs discretely contained near low-light Quebec and 5th Avenue, and also along that "no-light" road near the Burger/King Mario's Gelati around 1993, but then they were all busted and headed to bright-light Kingsway and Joyce - actually all over Kingsway.

If police do not bust, then at least the "situation" is "geographically contained".

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MP bust

I think the most recent MP bust was Premiere Gordon in Hawaii, I think. All kidding aside, I think the Richmond LE regularly cruise the mps in Richmond. Many have been suspended a few times after an accumulation of violations, mostly for staying open after midnight. One gal at Swan Lake told me that they come in and check ID's to make sure of proper work permits. As a result, I try not to go there near closing time (When the little head will allow me) :)
Jan 20, 2003
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I forgot...Swan Lake was another Silicon Valley

Yes Deke.

I forgot, Swan Lake was another "Silicon Valley."

During a recent (harmful) bust.

One of their people, whose name rhymes with "SLINKY" branched off and formed her own Korean MP.

Another one of the Swan Lake girls whose name ryhmes with "BEXSIE" (she doesn't want us to mention her) branched off and joined "BEX" - thus turning a good MP into a great MP and drawing even more business there.

Wow, next thing will be "barber shops" - Asian style!


Jul 23, 2002
Where now?

The only ones that I can recall was BIKINI on Kingsway and Slocan which is no longer there. The weirdest thing is that their is a sign for Veitnamese haircuts, but it is never open. Another place was located a few stores from ATIC COMPUTERS on 45 East Broadway. That is not a vacant spot for rent. Finally there was one on the corner of 21st or 22nd and Main on the South East Corner. It was next door to a Vietnamese Pho shop, and it has been closed. All three of these were these special hair cut places. I don't know about now though.


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May 17, 2002
Asian Massage

I'm not sure if this is the one on Main and about 21st, but there use to be 2. One was called Amy's or something like that. Really dingy place with about 2 rooms and usually only about 2 SP's working. Service was okay when they had a couple of Malaysian SP's. Was told they would come over for short periods of time and work there to make money. There were 2 that was pretty good looking with pretty good service, but they are not longer in operation.

At the end of the block on the corner, there use to be a hair cutting place. It was only a front for a massage place, but I think they actually due hair cuts. In the back there were 2 rooms and a few SP's working there. They look to be either Philipino or Vietnamese. Massage included a shower table which the SP would scrub you down before hand. Also, has been closed for some time now.


Sep 20, 2002
Cut & Blow?

A novel idea. Remebered going to a barbershop in Taipei years ago. Did'nt know why the hotel clerk told me that I should try a barbershop until I did, lol. I skipped the haircut, did'nt trust her. However, the bbj was something to remember as it was my first experience with her sipping warm tea and performing.
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