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I figured I should contribute a little bit.


Jul 1, 2003
I've been sulking around this site long enough. I decided that it was time to add a post of my own so that I don't feel like the guy at the strip club that doesn't drink and doesn't tip the girls. Here's a quick run down of some of the ladies I've visited.

Nadiya (I think) @ Eurospa
The picture that used to be on the site was misleading. She had huge natural boobs, but the rest of her was fairly large as well. Had FS amd she was also kind of a dead fish. Went the one time and never went back.

Crystal @ Penthouse
Looks just like the picture. Small blond with a tiny ass, big boobs and a pretty face. Went for FS and she was fun but distand. I think that there's better girls to spend money on.

Diana @ Penthouse
Very pretty. Great body and very easy to visit with. Had a FS and a great time. I would see her again.

Tianna @ Penthouse
Had never been with an Asian girl, and so decided to give her a try. Cute face, but not a very nice figure. Also, she was kinda bitchy. HJ and that was it. The worst SP I've seen so far.

Carmen @ Penthouse
See Crystal. Went for FS and she was uninspired. Once was more than enough.

Krissy @ Penthouse
Very tiny with a fake chest (nice though). A little older than the pictures on the site would lead you to believe, but still very attractive. Went for FS and had a great time. I'd repeat.

Nikki @ Deja Vu
In a word? Awesome. Good, natural body and a pretty face. She also gives a kick-ass massage (I almost fell asleep on the table). She's only one of two SPs I've seen more than once. Go see her.

Raquel @ Cloud 9
I didn't think there was such a thing as sloppy, fake boobs, but she proved me wrong. Went for a Russian and was one of the longest 45 minutes of my life. I left without "finishing up," if ya know what I mean. She wouldn't stop talking about her car and how she had gone to Canadian Tire to have it repaired and that they ripped her off.

Gina @ Fantasy
Again, a little older than the (kinda vague) picture would lead you to believe, but, wow. Fake chest, but whatever she paid for them, she got a Hell of a deal. Russian once and FS the next. The second of two SPs I've seen more than once.

Sydney @ Fantasy
Why is there no one that thinks she's just so-so? Everyone seems to love her or to hate her. Sign me up for the LOVE HER column. Saw her one night and would say that she's the most pornstar like SP I've ever seen. Lots of dirty talk, hip-swiveling and ass-slapping. I'll go out of my way to see her again.

Southern Comfort/Heaven on Earth (or whatever it's called)
Dropped in one time and asked to see all the girls on staff, then I left and went to Aristocrats. I can have sex with all the overweight 40-year olds I want and not have to pay for it.

Can't remember her name (Torrie?), but she was tall, slim, hot and had an awesome fake rack. Mid- to late-thirties. FS and after a little massage, she tossed pillows and a sheet on the floor and we rolled around there. FS, CBJ, Russian. Awesome. I wish I could remember her name so that I could go back.


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Jun 20, 2003
Hey, welcome and great review, looking forward to more.

Agree whole-heartedly with Sydney, Krissy, and Diane :). As per Raquel...you said it man, it was my once and ONLY time I will ever step foot in C9.

Looks like you're a penthouse man, I still prefer fantasy. Have fun posting.
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