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HYETT in Burnaby


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Dec 9, 2002
North Vancouver
In the Georgia Straight Bodywork section an Asian Body Care lists both BEX in Vancouver and HYETTin Burnaby.

It appears these are both a part of the same business.

I would like to know of any expriences at HYETT AND whether any of the BEX SP's described in the PERB threads ALSO work at HYETT


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Mar 25, 2003
Under the Georgia Viaduct
I have been to Hyett, and it is not as good as Happy Girl (I frequent here more often). The last time I checked they only have two girls working, and the place is not open that late. I talked to Chester at Bex, and he said something along the lines that just the advertising is shared and they are managed differently. So the short answer is that it is not "Bex East". The location is good though, and has potential if they bring in some talent. I think that the price point will be different due to the area, so I don't think it will support the same level of service as BEX.

With exception of Diamond (which is quite hassle free), and perhaps Regent, it is a step above the other AMPs in the neighbourhood. Perhaps the worst is "Cheery Relaxation", a half block east in the alley. She complained that I was too picky because I wanted to see the woman. I was just about to pay when she piped up, so I left and took my money with me.
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