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How's the street action these days?

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May 11, 2002
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Sorry Fred, didn't know where to put this thread.

I don't partake in the SW scene but one of my favorite things to do in Vancouver is cruise the hookers. Haven't been for a while s I am curious on how it is now.

1. seymour area

2. commercial/hastings area

3. main/hastings area :eek:


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May 13, 2002
Check out Kingsway between Fraser and Boundary. Saw a real cutie in front of London Drugs by Joyce St. the other night.

Question I have for anyone who has any experience in the area: where the heck is a good spot to park your car. Either PM me or post here.


May 20, 2002
Cutie by London Drugs on Kingsway

Is this cutie a blonde with big tits etc? Yes she is hot. I picked her up a couple of times. The first time she charged me 2 browns for fs in the car. It was pretty good but rushed. The second time she wanted 1 brown for a bj so I agreed. After what was less than 10 minutes she stopped and said that she needed more money. I asked why and she said 1 brown = 15 mins including the time to the bank to pick up the cash. I was shocked and she offered two more minutes for 2 greens! what a ripoff. Anyways she wanted me to drive her back so I told her it would be 1 green. She decided to walk.

Just down the street though I found a young hottie. She had long dark straight hair wearing a sexy short little skirt and knee high boots. She gave a great bj for 6 greens. I got her cell number. She stands by the Dairy Queen on Kingsway.


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Union girls

Wow, 2 brown for in the car. You must be single handedly keeping those union girls in business. Q-tip must be rolling over in his car. That is alot of money to pay for a bj, (1 brown) and not get to complete. Have you tried bargaining or have $ to float me a loan? :p That girl by the DQ will go for 1 brown or less (But she is HOT!) I guess your 1 green for the ride back would have worked better if you were farther away. I don't mean any offence by this post. I will stop rambling now.


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Whatever you hear about prostitution being legal in Canada, you can still get busted. Street action being the most visible is the most likely place that you are going to get busted. I have heard of a few massage places getting checked out but have yet to hear of a customer going to jail. On the streets there is the odd sting, you often see LE harassing the girls or moving them to some other area. You have to use common sense. While asking them if they are a cop often gets you a free feel, they can lie, just to get you comfortable. Don't negotiate through the car window. Undercover cops will not get into your car. They will not walk up and down the street (hard for surveillance). Drive around the block a few time and look around, if they talk to someone & they don't get busted it is a good sign. There must be a hundred ideas from cruisers out there.


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Jun 11, 2002

I not sure if im doing it wrong but ive found a few down in hasting area granted you have to drive around a bit to find one that isnt all cracked out but the price is right 3 decades for a bj.And not to sound like a pig but once there head is know,oh well all I know is if i was to pay 2 browns id want a the full package with a mattress and less le.tell me if im wrong


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Apr 21, 2006

the girls are absolutely HURTING on seymour right now. With Granville street being shut down for buses, they are going down Seymour now and those girls are hurting bad for biz. Plus you are looking at $$$$ to $$$$$ for a bj or fs which doesn't include kissing, digits or anything like that. much better deals out there than those girls, and they aren't as hot as they used to be.


Dec 8, 2006
i found this gem on boundary and kingsway the other night for a great bj... she was the hottest sw i've encountered... unfortunately a lil broke right now but i got her number for an private fs session next time


May 22, 2004
i never had a good experience with that...

i dont know its just something about any of the SPS that you see are usually educated and have no drug problems.....

anyways just my thought....i would think most of them that are on the streets are trouble..

so i stay away.


Jul 18, 2008
i've done it lot's and never had a bad experience some of them are so happy to get into your car when it's cold they will give good deals most are pretty good all you gotta do is be smart ie the car is in neutral with the keys in the ignition so they can't jack the keys and park where you feel safe and drive make sure no one is following you.
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