Carman Fox

How to get exactly what you want from your lady!


May 17, 2003
(now that I have retired here are some key tips to getting special favours from your SP, your girlfriend and/or your wife!)
1) always greet the lady dressed at your hotel room door - it gives her the sense of 'hi honey I'm home' fantasy
2) dress with some class - nothing says CBJ faster than being in sweat pants and a baseball cap
3) bathe and brush (bathe your body and brush your teeth)
4) throw on some cologne or at least another swack of underarm deodrant
5) throw some of that cologne or underarm deodrant just above your manhood's mane (above your pubic hair) - gives her a pleasnt smell while entertaining your member with her mouth!
6) nothing gets you party favours faster than a expertly skilled DATY
- lick her like you would an ice cream cone, paying special attention to her clit with the tip of your tonque
- start your lick at the bottom of her pussy nearest her anus, and end your lick at the clit
- gently spread her pussy lips with your hand to maximize the amount of clit that is exposed
- gently inserted your lubricated middle finger of your other hand into her pussy with your palm up
- press your middle finger up and against the inside of her until you come to a spot that rises up; stop just after the rise levels off; this is her g-spot area
- if you're really skilled, gently rotate your lubed little finger around her anus; put it just inside, and if no complaints are heard, put it further in
- a little bigger than a loonie in size, this spot is your key to BBBJ, BBBJTC and more (the better you are at DATY, the chances improve of a mind blowing blow job)
- stay on the licking trend while rubbing this spot in circles with your finger, keep probing her anus with your little finger (if she lets you do this part)
- keep at it till she feints or pushes you away; resist her pushes at first but remember she is probably so sensitive down there because no one has ever done this to her
- as she nears orgasm her clit will actually become more erect, or put another way, more of it will become exposed to your tongue
- as you feel her clit come out, increase your g-spot rubbing
- almost assuredly she will come, likely twice; the longer she can stand to have you do this there, and the longer you can keep it going, the more orgasms she will have; I have had women have as many as 20 orgasms in a row. The more the merrier.

Never ask a lady if she came or had an orgasm until long after you both are done. The better question is "did you enjoy that" after you cuddle in the shower or hot tub after sex.

Glad I could help.
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