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how come ophelia black appears but not ~alexandria~ in the SP directory?


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Apr 4, 2003
how come ophelia black appears in the SP DIRectory but not ~alexandria~?

This sounds like a question vancouverman would ask. :)

I clicked on the button that says SP DIRectory and saw some names that I didn`t recognize.

there are 9 BC women in the SP Directory.

one of them is kali who doesn`t even seem to be a perb member.
Others are jackie, rachel, taylor maiden. I haven`t seem them as perb $25 a monthers.

I was surprised to see Ophelia Black, who pays no money and takes pride in it.


ophelia black

No kidding - forget a misogynist undertone, it`s (perb) a goddamn misogynist marching band. Utterly pathetic.

That`s why I`m a Vancouver SP posting on a Toronto board - there are literally maybe seven posters over there with more going on than a quarter cup of brain cells and a drawer full of wifebeaters.

And I hardly even post here - quite frankly, the Perb Experience can put you off boards for life

The thread subject was

https://terb.cc > GENERAL AREA > The Lounge > How long after starting a serious relationship do you ladies go BBFS with the BF?

but ophelia black engaged in perb bashing again. :(

Crazy Harry

Jun 23, 2003
SW Ontario
Your Ophelia Black

We are filming again in your city but I have been too busy to have any fun yet. I saw this Ophelia Black some time ago and she was far from a great experience. I found her drab looking at best but the real problem was in the weird attitude. I did nothing but list my experience with her along with a bunch of other visits with ladies during my stays in your city and I received all sorts of attack e-mails from her and others I have never even heard of before or since. Funny thing to me was that I look back at that review and it could truthfully have been a lot worse given what I recevied in terms of service. Vancouver seems to officially have a lady to be avoided at all costs.

I am hoping to find some fun during the next few weeks so ventured over here to Perb. What can you fine gentlemen of Vancouver suggest for a guy from Toronto who likes to know that the woman he is with really enjoys her work. I have found Vancouver very hit and miss from previous trips.

Fred Zed

May 11, 2002
Ophelia Paid for her DIR ad

Try searching dir by Province you will find Alexanderia is listed under Alberta.
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