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Dec 19, 2003
hi in about 2-3 months i'll be visiting these cities.has anyone been there and can help me me and i'd love to ask you some questions.

ive never used any mp's here and plan to definately visit some there.what are the rules and regulations to know?what are the are the girls english since i'm not to fluent in the language.what is usually available?bbbj,daty,etc,etc, how do we find out the $$,what do things usally cost?.are the girls pretty.
are there escorts. is it cheap to get girls there?

also i'd like to see the i have somthing to tell my girlfriend when i get back.i'd like to know about the restaurants..which ones are good..clubs,bars.any cool things
to check out.

so please PM me and i'll write you back with some questions.
thanks guys.
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