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Dec 19, 2003
hi in about 2-3 months i'll be visiting these cities.has anyone been there and can help me me and i'd love to ask you some questions.

ive never used any mp's here and plan to definately visit some there.what are the rules and regulations to know?what are the are the girls english since i'm not to fluent in the language.what is usually available?bbbj,daty,etc,etc, how do we find out the $$,what do things usally cost?.are the girls pretty.
are there escorts. is it cheap to get girls there?

also i'd like to see the i have somthing to tell my girlfriend when i get back.i'd like to know about the restaurants..which ones are good..clubs,bars.any cool things
to check out.

so please PM me and i'll write you back with some questions.
thanks guys.


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Jan 25, 2004
Here. There. Everywhere.'re asking a lot.

Hong Kong: Stick to the "touristy" areas because if you start wandering into the "locals" area - without a local guide - you might get yourself into some trouble. Cost is about the same as here...

Shanghai: Be careful about mainland China - the scam usually happens in this fashion: A girl will knock on your door and offer you services - usually it's a really reasonable rate and you accept her offer. As you're starting to get ready to do the thing, a knock will happen and a bunch of guys will burst in if you answer the door - if you don't answer the door, they'll just let themselves in - and then say they're with the police. They'll say that you've been caught with a prostitute and that unless you pay them some amount of money, they're going to arrest you and detain you... basically, it's a bunch of people picking on the tourists...

Taipei: Two words: Red-light District (maybe 3 words)... that's all I have to say about that one. Just be careful - the district is contained within a snake market so make sure you don't get them confused...



Feb 25, 2003
Nothing against the far east but there is no way I would get my jimmy waxed there with out some help from an experienced guide.

That just scares me more than any lo track crack head.


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Oct 4, 2003

This will tell you everything you should know

Yer welcome!


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Dec 7, 2003
pacman dont worry about local guide in HK
theres a plenty of mp already in the side of the streets but becareful most of the parlour is own by triad so considering your looks they might try to pull some trick on you
if you want the cheapest info the thing to do is to ask the taxi driver, just ask him where is the best place to get some girls most of the guys in HK is not closed about this kind of information

well if you dont like the mp try to buy some sp guide in a small paper hut.. i personally prefer the magazine coz you can do incall or outcall and you can see first the pics of the girls and their specialty.. yup thats right specialty ( youll be surprised on what they say about their specialty)

about the meal,if you want something to remember HK you should eat at JUMBO its a floating restaurant, its quite famous but its a little pricy too but i dont know if its still there though

dont forget to tell us about your experience when you get back