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Hi Gang...


Haunting Whispers
Oct 19, 2002
Been a way a bit (miss me?).

Just in town for a day and checking out things. Glad to see life always stays interesting here on PERB.

What a glorious day here in the Village on the Edge of the Rainforest!

And lo and behold... even Victoria-Lee has joined us again. Excellent. Do we get a field report on how things went in LA?

Hey SP!... nice buns.

Gina... don't be silly... keep posting.

I am off again tho... Just wanted to say hi. Keep Posideon, Alex, Vanman, BigDman et al in line now. And Sonny?... well, ... you know (lol).

Hey Howie... good to see you too.

And people questioning the integrity of the Hamster? Tip boys... Hammy rarely lowers himself to having to justify ANYTHING he posts... and I suspect few would expect him to.

Hipster... no more BC Darlings photos/promos? Fawk... you slippin boy?


Cartoon crimefighting is tough... but someone has to fake it!



Mr. Controversy
Jul 21, 2003
Your place or mine?
Hey SG,

So where were you? Did you fall and couldn't get up. Or where you too pissed and pre-occuppied to get off all fours:

It's nice to see your 97 year old pruney ass again!
Vancouver Escorts