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Happy Hump Day! Treat yourself to a Foxy Experience!

The Fox Den

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Jun 1, 2020

Fox.Like other Escorts.Only better.

" Gentlemens Private Club "

FoxDen.Like Other Adult Spas. Only Better.

5 Unique Rooms All with En-Suite Glass Walk In Showers

Climate Control in Every Room

2 Entrances

Complimentary Face Mask per appointment
Automatic Hand SANITIZERS throughout The Fox Den

Welcome To THE FOX HUNT!

Carman Fox & Friends, Canada's largest and

most trusted name in the ADULT Industry. All photos are accurate, authentic

and professional. No hidden fees or mandatory tipping. Appointments

available to you at The Fox Den - our Premier First-Class "adults only"

facility, offering the utmost in PRIVACY and DISCRETION.

Hotel Bookings are also available

Follow The Hunt :

PUBLIC Instagram feed @carmanfoxmodels

Twitter feed @TheFoxDen69

Hot.Wet.Sexy. Beautiful. Foxy.Tight.Flexible Gorgeous. Moist.Sweet

Happy Hunting!

Carman Fox,

Vancouvers Finest Huntress

Because It's Always A FINE Day For A FOX HUNT!


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