Hannah @ Fantasy


Dec 25, 2002
Riding Off Into The Sunset
I had recently heard that there was a new girl at Fantasy by the name of Hannah and since there were no pictures or details yet posted on their website, I decided to go on over and meet her in person. As luck would have it I was greeted at the door by Hannah herself and after one glance of this beautifull lady I was immediately hooked. I couldn't wait to find out what treasures were to be behold under the lovely outfit she was wearing.
After a quick shower it wasn't very long before I was able to again set my eyes upon this gorgeous lady. (I really like it when I don't have to wait forever for the lady to come back in the room)
My original suspicions were indeed correct, because after the dispensing of Hannah's outer wear, I was greeted by a site to behold.
Without getting into the details of the session itself, I will say that my time with Hannah was truly a very pleasurable experiance. This lady really enjoys her work and it shows. Great service, great conversation and oh ya, the extras were pretty damn good as well. ;)

As for Hannah's stats: she is blonde and beautiful, mid to late 20's, about 5'7" with a lucious 34D chest.

She does have a number of lovely outfits that she would probably be glad to wear for you upon request.

Bottom Line: Would I go back to see her? Hell I can't wait. :D


Love this Hobby
Aug 9, 2003
Hi Pussyman...

I know Hannah and agree with your comments. Did you try out any of her toys? She is one passionate Girl and those Hooters are pure and simple, Eye Candy, at its best.

She is also quite partial to Girls and IMHO would be a great DUO participant.
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