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Hamster gets mugged!


Jun 21, 2002
On the Hill
The Hamster no longer picks up streetwalkers because in early January he was mugged by a local girl. That night, the Hamster was out cruising the streets looking for that innocent "new" girl that just might provide excellent BJ service at a minimial cost. (Note - The Hamster never pumps street walkers). It was late, so the Hamster's eyes were working overtime trying to tell if the girls were hardcore junkies or not. Anyways, this girl seemed to be okay looking, and had a nice smile. The Hamster picked her up near Nanimo and Kingsway and the deal was made - $40 for a BJ. She didn't smell and wasn't all jumpy and creepy so the Hamster was quite pleased with his selection, considering the relatively low fee!

The conversation seemed very natural and she recommended a place to park. The Hamster never goes to these "recommended" areas just incase he is setup and mugged by her pimp or whoever. Little did the Hamster know that this mugging was a one on one affair. As soon as the Hamster pulled off Kingway, out came a small razor blade and the demand for the Hamster's thin wallet! Yikes!!!!!! Now, the Hamster is a cool cat and very calm under pressure, so no sudden moves were made. THe Hamster slowly pulled the car over, and asked her to please put the knife away. THe Hamster said he had no problem with giving her money, to help a girl out who is down on her luck. But, the Hamster did state, she is doing this to a nice person and bad karma will get the better of her. It's best she put the knife away and ask nicely. At this point, the Hamster could have easily grabbed the razor blade and punch this girl out, but pity was the feeling at the moment. The Hamster slowly took out his wallet and handed her $70 with the knife now lowered to the e-brake level. She took the money, then reached for the door handle nervously, and apologized while getting out. She quickly put the money in her sock and walked quickly back towards Kingsway which was about 1 block away.

The Hamster was full of emotions but drove away not saying a word. Thoughts of revenge did enter the Hamster's mind, since no one likes being ripped off with a razor in their face, but cooler heads prevailed.

I believe she called herself Melissa..but what does that really matter. She's about 5'6", thin with C chest, nice curly dark brown or black hair, wearing jeans, white boots and a black leather jacket with that tassle shit hanging off the arms and mid back. She's possibly native or party native. Age is approx 25.

Looks - 6
Attitude - 0
Service - 0

Not recommended!

Due to this incident the Hamster no longer picks up or talks to street walkers. In fact, the Hamster hardly cruises the streets anymore so all the girls are a little poorer!

The Hamster recommends anyone thinking of picking up a SW to save up a little more dough and see an nice independent, who is likely clean and safe.
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Feb 23, 2003

Wow, that is one aweful experience Hamster. To get mugged is one thing, to have a razor blade in your face is another.

I have had my share of "bad" dates in my years of cruizing (girls refusing to get out, making a scene or such), but never was physically threatened like that.

Now, with less SW selection and LE, I tend to shy away from the streets too. Before, during the peak street years, such muggings weren't as common, but I am not surprised that it is on the rise.

Funny that she apologized after ripping you off. I agree - after such an experience, I'd feel like total revenge.

But luckily, cooler heads (the right ones) prevailed as $70 isn't too bad of a lose and you don't want to escalate the situation.

thanks for heads up.


Nov 3, 2002
I would have fogged her down with the big can of bear spray I keep under the driver seat. It shoots about 20 feet so make sure she well out of the car before blasting this stuff. That will teach her...


Mar 26, 2003
Thanks for the warning - it is not a safe world sometimes


You did well my man. Other scenario has you with a few stiches in forearm (unless she is KGB, chances of you with serious injury are low), lots of blood in car and an injured woman in your car that you injured. Police show up to see what ruckus is - fun explanation time.

Best other maneuver I have heard about similar is to NEVER cruise with wallet with you. Keep enough $$ for your adventures and keep DL somewhere in car just in case you need to show anyone and avoid the fine for not having it. Then if such a situation occurs, say you have wallet in trunk and jump out of car and run like hell. If there is nothing to steal, you may get ripped apolostry which ICBC will fix with deductable being your lesson. If you are a man, no matter what happens, it will not look good if she gets hurt. Any thought of revenge is just your testosterone talking - nothing to be gained, at all.

You got away lucky. She sounded nervous and nervous people make mistakes. :eek:

BTW - I wouldn't have been any more at ease with blade at EM level, my boys live down at that level and they can stitch forearms but I am not into the John Bobbit scene.


jus call me MR. President
Mar 25, 2003
only 2 bad experiences

Over 6 or so years that ive been a street monger, ive only had 2 bad incidents with SW's:

a) very very pretty girl blonde, 6' tall, really stacked, picked her up on Hastings. She seemed a little bit aggressive, but i thought i ignored it because she was so uncommonly good looking (she looked like a clear-skinned high track girl but on the low track). She got in and before even talking, reached over and started rubbing my cock thru the pants. She kept saying "feels good baby mmmm let's go somewhere right now". She bent over and put her head on my crotch and mouthed that area with my pants on. Boy was I happy, we hadn't even said one word about anything else and she had me thinking she was a nymphomaniac! She really got me turned on, I could barely think straight. After about 5 or 6 minutes driving around looking for a spot, I had to stop at an intersection. Suddenly she bolts out the door. I was shocked... then I was shocked to find out she had the bills out of my pant pockets, but very cleverly left other paper-related materials (business cards, notes, etc.) behind. She was obviously a trained pick-pocket. This happened about a year and a half ago, and haven't seen her on the streets since, until last night. Be careful!

b) young blonde, about 23 on Kingsway. Was not obviously working. She said let's go to a spot she knows. I said no way, but I think I was close in that same area anyways. I got another spot. We park... and just about to start when a car pulls in right behind me. I looked in the rearview mirror - and noticed it was not LE headlights. Guy gets out of the car and walks towards me. I get out of the car and stand at my car door, facing him. Suddenly she bolts and gets out and into the other car, along with the cash. She screams, "let's go!". He sneers at me and gets into the car. I quickly get into mine and shut the door. They back up and drive right by. I decided not to pursue.


Feb 23, 2003

Despite how these experiences sound, the main thing is that 1) you are not harmed and 2) doesn't lead to a compromising situation (eg. explaining to LE why you are bloodied up with a SW in your car).

The loss of cash, albeit is a major p*ss off, can be replaced. Your health and well being cannot. As well as explaining to your signficant other or being in the news of your adventures is quite damaging as well.

The sense of being threatened is hard to overcome and the instant emotion is revenge. But rarely, will it be worth it. Could cause more problems than it can help (eg. not only are you with a SW in your car, but you have have assault charges against you).

I know of a fellow cruizer who once picked up a SW on Kingsway, she asked for cash as they drove off. When he refused, she physically started to attack him. After a bit of a scuffle, he managed to kick her out of the car. After driving off, he noticed that a lot of souped up cars were following, with the SW in one of them. So, it was a street chase and he hastily called 911 saying he was being followed by a gang. After a bit of street maneuvers, he luckily managed to loose the group, but hung out at a gas station until LE showed up. LE then escorted him back to his hotel. I wasn't there, but just listening to this story -> it is totally freaky. Ironically, LE was there to help bail out a cruizer.

Some other hints:
1) some SW try to grab the keys from the ignition if things turn sour. So just watch those hands
2) the idea of only carrying cash alone, and no wallet is one rule of cruizing. Another hint is to divide up the cash into 2 places on your person. That way if you have to give up your loot, at least you have some backup cash somewhere (eg. for McD's or such)
3) make sure your spidey senses are in the "ON" position
4) car dates - I have only done 3 car dates in my entire career, for me-> I would never go on a car date anymore. Risk of being ambushed by the pimp or being discovered by the neighboors. Be extremely wary if the girl recommends a certain spot -> could be some guy waiting there for you.
5) confrontation with SW guy/pimp -> if you are in a situation where you are confronted with the guy/pimp (eg. as in georgebushmoron's case), get out of there ASAP! Even if you lose your cash, get out of there. There is not much to be gained compared to what you could lose if you confront these guys.
Jan 20, 2003
Avatar looks like Angelina.
Slash and dash!

Looks - 6
Attitude - 0
Service - 0
Not recommended!
This looks like the rating that someone gives when they fuck a corpse.
Not speaking, not bitchy so attitude = 0.
Not moving, not breathing so service = 0.

I would have given her a 6/-10/-10
Some people give negative ratings when they pay NOT to see a provider.

“As soon as the Hamster pulled off Kingway, out came a small razor blade and the demand for the Hamster's thin wallet! Yikes!!!!!! Now, the Hamster is a cool cat and very calm under pressure, so no sudden moves were made. THe Hamster slowly pulled the car over, and asked her to please put the knife away.”

Cool cat? You came screaming to a thousand total strangers when you had a dick wart! After December you were planning to retire after AngeLEEna got her bunnies, and by January you were getting mugged by SWs. What bad luck.

I would have accelerated the car, the Hamster-mobile, just so that I could slam on the brakes! MuggerGirl would have gone flying into the windshield. She might not get a concussion, but she’d have a harsh headache.
How many SWs put on a seat belt? Besides with a seat belt on, it is harder for her to slash and dash.

I never use my seatbelt when cruizing, unless I see a cop car.
After braking....Watching enough UFC contests, I would have raised my legs up by lifting my knees to my chest and then twisting my hips to face the passenger side.
Now mugger SP is in a world of trouble as she has to say hello to my shoes, Mr. Nikes, as I would have pummeled her sorry ass with a zillion kicks. Yes she is a woman, but she has a razor and (had) the initiative. It is survival and raw preservation at this point. She would have been scrambling to get out.

But anyways, glad that you got out alive Hamster.


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Mar 11, 2003
Attempted mugging

I had an experience similar to Hamsters several years ago. I picked up a sw on the mid track who seemed friendly and didn't seem strung out. Once she was in my car and I was driving she asked if it would be okay if we stopped at the Macs convience store so she could buy some rubbers.

I pulled into the parking lot and parked and out comes this little knife with about a two inch blade and she demands my money. Back in those days I still kept my money in my wallet and I didn't want to lose my wallet with all my ID and credit cards so I grabbed her wrist twisted it and got the knife away from her. I then demanded that she get out of my car. She opened the car door like she was going to get out but instead called out to three scruffy looking guys and this hideous looking girl to help her get this guy. All four of them started approaching my car with the sw still in the passanger seat. At this point I wasn't going to stick around to try and get her out so I put my car into reverse and backed up quickly. Then I put my car into drive and quickly started accelerating out of the parking lot at which point the sw decided to jump out of my moving car. I drove for about a block before I stopped to close my passanger door and high-tailed it back home.

Needless to say it was a long time before I picked up another sw.
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