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Good-bye Bali


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Dec 10, 2002
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YL here with my final Bali report. I leave for OZ tomorrow.

Bali has been wonderful to me. As mentioned in a previous post the most interesting action here is with the semi-pro girls in the clubs. I met a real beauty on my first night in the club-a twenty three y/o Lucy Lui look alike and spent a few nights with her. I suspect that she played me a bit and also I suspect that she over charged me-that is I probably could have paid less. That being said-each "date" we had cost me no more than 50 USD including drinks(mine as she-like most of the girls-is muslim and does not drink) Usually we would hang at the club for a while flirting and dancing then back to my villa-out door concept with a private swimming pool-and have some fairly wild sex for a few hour befor she would leave. One night her friend joined us and we all played together.(no girl-girl action-they are quite straight laced in some ways).

The only hitch came two days ago. I like to think that Yani became a little attached to me but admit that it is just as likely that she was attached to the open wallet. Despite her assurances that if I wished to see another girl she was ok with it-when it actually happened she got a bit pissed. To bad because I really did enjoy her company. So I spent the last two nights with a different lady-in some ways she is a better match as Yani-though beautiful was a bit wild for me after a few nights-wore me out she did. Arny is slightly older(well-24) and a bit more distant but also a very sensuous lover.

To sum up-this is a great place to come and fullfil your asian fantasies. Many of the girls are quite beautiful(not all) and quite eager to please. I also think that many entertain the notion that you may fall in love with them and "take them away from all this" so be firm when it comes to the "break up". Also I ask you to treat them well. Part of the reason that I did not mind being over charged was that they really make small ammounts of money here in their regular jobs and haggleing over what ammounts to 10 USD seems really off to me. This is their home and I don't mind leaving a bit more that I should with them. Also it helped me get into feeling rich-a principal ingredient in becoming rich is feeling rich-so grinding the price down was not some thing I was into.

Off now to the spa for a steam and a soak to be in shape for my last night in Bali.



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Jul 21, 2003
Your place or mine?

Sounds like a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing your experiences. So where are you off to now?
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