Freya Darling

Goddess Terra Sapphire


Aug 22, 2010
I'd like to know about her too , sounds a little to good to be true but would be cool to find out


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Dec 13, 2020
She is too good but she is also very true.....Having the opportunity to meet Goddess Terra was an amazing and exhilarating experience.. I had the fortune to spend an hr and a half and I was absolutely under her spell from the moment she answered the door. In her heels she was taller than me and I'm all of 6' tall, her black hair and olive complexion had me feeling like a slave in the presence of an Egyptian Goddess. Her punishment was swift and to the point and had me throbbing and dripping instantly which also got me trouble... When I was able to follow her instructions exactly she rewarded me in such a subtle but amazing touch, when I close my eyes days later I'm still dreaming of that touch and smell . I will be looking for the next opportunity to see her again as soon possible and I can hardly wait.
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