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Gillian @ Classy


Jul 23, 2002
The left coast
I had the chance to spend some time with Gillian the other day. She's been on my list for a while, and the timing was right.

IMHO, she's way better looking than her photos on the Classy website. A stretch mark or two, but what the hell? For some reason I thought that her photos suggested a tall lady, but she's about 5'5" or so. She's quite friendly, enthusiastic, and open minded!

Good CBJ, lots of sweet DATY and 69 happily accepted in return. She's a kisser (but not a tonsil checker), and she likes to ride up top! When she gets going, so do those BIG hooters of hers! It's quite a sight, she goes up and down, they go around and around. Then it got real wet down south, so she was happy. She liked it from behind, and we finished up in the good old missionary. Pearls were on the menu, there was a bit of a tip involved, but that would have been just fine had I gone that way.

No hurry to end things. A friendly, mostly GFE (no DFK) experience.

I'd see her again, but I'll get through the rest of my "to visit" list first. Incidently, the new Classy digs, although apparently temporary, are WAY better than the Hillside site.


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Dec 20, 2002
I agree

I had the pleasure of seeing Gillian a few months ago, and I agree completely with this review. She's a beautiful woman with nice large breasts. She's very gentle and caring, and pretty damn close to a GFE. I had a great time with her.