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General Observation

Hi, new to this site. Thought I'd join after reading the reviews.

After leaving the UK, I spent sometime in Toronto before moving to Vancouver. I'd like to offer some views on SP's.

Dissappointed with the general level of quality in Vancouver. Too hurried, too many 'extras' after price agreed and cash exchanged and too many restrictions (no touching, etc). Toronto, seems to provide a more consistent level of service at the 200/hr rate but even then it was a bit hit and miss. It could well be that my commuication skills are off key. I may be English, but believe me that does not mean I'm understood!!

As a comparison, I offer the website by way of comparison with Canada. I found this a very reliable resource in the UK and should any one travel.

If there is one difference between the SP's, it would one of attitude generally speaking.

Finally, keep up the good work. I'm sure there are good ones out there
Vancouver Escorts